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Lease Returns


-Strategize 6-12 months in advance before the lease term ends.

-Try to control the cleaning process before sending cars to shop. If your plant can clean the cars do this. If you must send to the shop with residue, make sure the shop selected for the lease return can handle that product and get an estimate.

-Work with the lessor and develop a scope of work prior to the cars going to shop.

-The scope of work should include lessee and lessor input, so the shop has clear direction on inspection, responsibility, acceptance of cars and billing.

-Prior to sending the cars to the shop(s) work with the shop on turn times. This will affect some leases as the longer your car stays in the shop the longer you pay on the lease.

-When cars are completed, the shop should supply, or the lessor needs to supply a dated certificate of acceptance so you can then remove the car from your lease.


Contact AllTranstek today to help you with your lease returns. Our Inspection Services team can verify repairs, enforce the scope of work, and confirm that high dollar parts actually require replacement.

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