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01 Railcar Fleet Management
We don’t just manage, we utilize and optimize, always seeking ways to improve your fleet’s operation and profit margin.
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02 StencilWatch® Tank Car Qualification Program
Discover everything you need to know about our StencilWatch® program, assisting you with our one-of-a-kind tank car program.
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03 Engineering Services
In the shop or on the rails, we help guide fleet owners through the complications of regulatory and certification processes.
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04 Regulatory Compliance Support
Regulations are an ever-evolving facet of the railcar industry; our knowledge not only serves you today but offers foresight into future needs.
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05 Railcar Inspection Services
Safety, costs and fines are our foremost thoughts when you let us inspect your railcars for interchange requirements.
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06 Nondestructive Testing Support
We have ASNT NDT Level III technicians on staff, as well as offering complete Level I and II NDT training for your personnel.
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07 Welding & Special Processes Support
The demands of welding technology are growing rapidly; we can help keep your facilities up-to-date with training and services.
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08 HazMat Services
Dangerous materials are heavily regulated. Let our award-winning team take care of the paperwork.
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09 Technical Training & Education
Let us share our knowledge with you; together, we can move your fleet and the railcar industry as a whole to new heights!
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Of North America’s tank car fleet relies on StencilWatch® to assist with federal regulatory compliance
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The AllTranstek Difference

We are able to take an innovative approach to your fleet because we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s the difference our knowledge, experience and technical prowess can make, and the proof is in the numbers.

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