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2019 Closer Look – OTH


​​Involved in the mining industry? Moving petrochemical commodities? Learn where the North American Open Top Hopper fleet is headed by purchasing 2019 Closer Look Report. Unsure what to do with your Open Top Hopper investments in a depressed market that doesn’t seem to have an end?


The Open Top Hopper fleet has faced difficulties in recent years, despite demand for Aggregate cars. Will heavy retirement cycles continue to shrink the fleet? How does the outlook vary by segment?


​AllTranstek’s unique Car Demand Pressure Index, illustrating the relationship between fleet size and shipping activity since 2007. Readers will gain insight into fleet stability, or lack thereof, by comparing build/retirement pressure to normal market conditions.


Fleet size and segmentation
Gross rail load and cubic capacity
Age profile
Fleet growth
Orders, deliveries, retirements
Surplus and utilization



Market Conditions
Gain market condition insight by car type segment.


Fleet Outlook
AllTranstek’s car type forecast is built on quantitative and qualitative data by experts with decades of portfolio management experience.


Car Demand Pressure Index
The Car Demand Pressure Index illustrates whether a specific fleet is under pressure to build or retire cars.


Full Closer Look Series Almost Complete!

The 2019 Tank Car, Covered Hopper, and Gondola reports are available. The Flat Car and Box Car report will be released soon. View samples of the reports below. Reports are available for purchase individually or as a complete series.​

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